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About Heart to Heart

Heart to Heart is the culmination of seeking and pursuing greater outcomes. Healthcare RUN and Healthcare DRIVEN! Heart to Heart is facilitated by healthcare professionals promoting evidenced based practices to achieve the greatest outcomes for your family and ours.

Taking this premise a step further by recruiting and training new students to further the nursing agenda and  creating new qualified

certified nursing assistants to enter the field of nursing. Nursing resources includes professionals with a wide range of experiences

from Long term acute care to Trauma ICU and everything in between.  

Safety courses through AHA have been our staple in recent history. Thanks to an overwhelming amount of support from area clinics,

outpatient / inpatient facilities, and the healthcare community we are honored to answer the call to offer vocational training.  


Most Course Certifications Issued Same Day

*Applies to AHA certifications only


Fire Safety, Planning & Evacuation

Crisis Intervention

Stress Management

Cultural Diversity & Sensitivity

Neonatal Resuscitation Program

Trauma Nursing Core Course

If you have suggestions regarding courses feel free to contact us.


* All AHA safety sessions are available ON SITE for commercial vendors.

* Discounts are available for groups of 25 or more

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